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Himalayan Sea Salt, Lychee Fruit and Citron Zest, Cucumber Peel Extract, Sea moss and Pepino Melon, Coconut Water, Baltic Amber and Whipped Musk. 


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Lavender, Chamomile & Spearmint

Perfectly Imperfect Chunk Bags

Perfectly Imperfect Chunk Bags


Placed my first order. Got it yesterday and I'm very happy with everything I got. I hoghly recommend SGA if you love awesome service and great smelling wax. Julie and Peggy are very helpfull. 5 stars from me and I will buy again without a doubt.

Jeanine El Attal Goerdemann

Sassy Girl Aroma is fantastic! There are so many wonderful scents and great service is top priority to not only the owners, but also the admins on Sassy Girls Facebook page. I am so glad I was introduced to SGA.

Kim Mace

SGA is my absolute favorite vendor ! So many awesome blends and consistent strong throw. I can never pass up an opening

Avalon Giello

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We at Sassy Girl Aroma use a wide variety of oils to scent our Para/Soy blended wax. Our wax melts are melted all over the world including United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Japan and many more. We take a lot of pride in the product we produce as a small vendor, And we thank you for being a part of our growing business. We are a small team that work to produce highly scented wax melts for your home, office or anywhere you need a little yummy smell added to the air. We have a variety of scents to offer for example, bakery, spa, fruity, earthy plus more, So please enjoy browsing our website, And again thank you from all of us at Sassy Girl Aroma. <3